Album Artwork

I have designed album artwork for various up and coming artist as well as established musicians within the music industry. My artwork consists of various different mediums such as digital art, photography and photo manipulation.

Below are some examples of the Album Artwork I’ve produced over the years. 

The Snuts

Having worked with The Snut’s since we went to school together, I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in a lot of their early projects. Even more fortunate to still collaborate with them to this day. Mot notable of the work is the album cover art for their breakthrough The matador E.P which is when the band first started to get noticed on a national level. 

The Snuts - Live at Stirling Castle

Vector Tracing & Compositing

The Snuts - Seasons

Digital Art

The Snuts - The Matador

Permanent Marker & Watercolour

Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves

Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves are my most recurring collaborators. I have been working with Mark Sharp since his very first single and have been involved in some way on every release since. A lot of my best work is a result of the chemistry I have working with Mark & our openness to try anything no matter how daft it sounds. One of my favourite pieces of work is both the artowrk and music video for the single Sink or Swim.

MS&TBT - Sink Swim

Photography & Photomanipulation

MS&TBT - Tippytoes

Photography / Composition

MS&TBT Moonshine

Photography / Composition

Pete Kennaway

I have also worked with Pete since his first release. One of the things I love so much about Pete is his love and appreciate for fine art and the fact we do our best to bring references into the artwork we produce. 

Pete Kennaway - An Ungrateful Heart

3D Modelling & Compositing

Pete Kennaway - Soulmate

Photography & Photomanipulation

Pete Kennaway - The Boy

Vector Graphic & Compositing

Other Artists

I’ve worked with so many amazing bands over the past few years. These are just some of the  Artwork’s I’ve designed for them.

Dead Sea Souls - Two Houses


Fraser McLean - It's on Me

Digital Photomanipulation

Ocean Velvets - Do You Remember?

Pen & Ink, Digital Colouring